Brandon Threet Crime

What Brandon Threet said at trial:
  • "I just wanted to give him a concussion"
  • "I am pretty sure I kicked him like in the side of his head"
  • Sgt Hughie asked, "Did you kick him pretty hard?"  Threet answered, "Yeah, I imagine, I was pretty angry"
  • "I wasn't angry or anything after I kicked him"

Closing statement of DA John Bradley:
  • "It was not a fight, it was not an accident, it was an ambush"
  • Three times Terence declined to trade punches with Brandon Threet on the chest, Terence finally agreed, but Brandon Threet struck him in the head instead.
  • A bystander tried to pull Brandon Threet off Terence while Terence was on the ground.
  • Brandon Threet broke away and charged the bystander and then returned to kick Terence in the head.
  • The sound and the image of the kick was caught on the video.
  • Brandon Threet left Terence on the ground, headed out the door, went directly to his car and ran away to hide.

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