Terence McArdle

May 2001 HS Grad /// June 2001 UT Austin Dorm

Our son, Terence, radiated a deep sense of compassion and empathy for family, friends, and strangers alike. Below are some excerpts of his personal writings that we would like to share with you.

Excerpts from Terence’s autobiography 2001 -

I was born on October 4th, 1983, the Year of the Boar in Chinese Zodiac. 

I am going to be daring enough to say that I had one of the happiest childhoods in history. No person or thing could ever keep a smile off my face for more than a few hours. If you ask me, life doesn't get any better than when you are a kid, that's plain and simple. I don't think anyone should be deprived of a happy childhood.

I love my Mom and my Dad, not a worry in the world.  Two years after I was brought into this world, my younger brother, Brendan was born. All of a sudden, I had a best friend.  When he cried, I knew why. When he was happy, I knew why. He was always my best friend and still is.

When I remember my friends, I don't always remember their faces exactly. I remember the way they laugh and the way they smile. I always hope that I have a better memory and all the different ways to remember the smiles on my friends’ faces.

I hold loyalty as one of the highest qualities a person can have. A loyal friend that will always have your back is a lot better than a friend who can get lots of girls or knows where all the parties are…..and it may just sound like talk, but I think I would take a bullet for any of my best friends.

I am a multi-racial child with two different cultures flowing in my veins. I appreciate both cultures and my ethnicity, and at the same time I can blend my two backgrounds and be proud of who I am. I am Terence, a “Chirish”, a Chinese and Irish American. I look Asian, yet I look American. I believe that what I look like or how I look is not important, what's in my heart is most important.

I have noticed that many children just need a friend or someone to listen to. I think that this carries over to adults and the fact that they also need someone to listen and hear them out. The world can be a cruel place and some people don't have it as well off. Most people need a little help and I would like to be there to provide it. 

To receive a higher education at college is a great privilege, and to waste it on material things would be a shame. When I graduate from college I want to use whatever skills I have learned to help people. 

My goal is to reach an old age and be able to look back on my life and smile, knowing that others have benefited from me being alive and that I have impacted their lives in a positive way.

As to the end, when I am done here, and travel beyond to my dream land, “ Chireland”, I will be able to say, “I am truly happy I have been here.”

Excerpts from the letter to his mother on Mother’s Day 2001-

Your passion for life has taught me to never give up. Through you I have seen the importance of family and loyalty, and through you I know what love is.

You are the wings on my back when I need help to fly, and you are the hand that has pulled me up when I am down.

... I will always love no matter where I am or how old I have gotten.

Excerpts from the letter to his father on Father’s Day 2001-

In the Father's Day letter, Terence reminded his dad of the parable of a man walking on the beach with God and then wrote:

I know you have carried me here to the brink of manhood and guided me on the path here.

... I will miss the stories you always tell me even though I act like I don't appreciate them now.

...through you I have learned patience (to a certain degree), kindness as well as many other things.

...Thank you for always supporting me and always caring for me.

A Little Poem from Terence -

Love is a burning feeling that you feel in your heart,
It goes towards the person you wish would never part.
Without it, the world would never turn,
And without it, my heart would never yearn.
I love you, stand by me,
Live by these words,
Love is all you need.

                            ~ I wrote this ~
                                    I am a poet !
                                        ~ Wahoo ~