Parole Protest Letter Template

Date: <month> <day>, <year>

To:  TDCJ Victims Services Division
        8712 Shoal Creek Blvd, Ste 265
        Austin, TX 78757


       Offender:            THREET, BRANDON
       SID Number:      06768247
       TDCJ Number:   01115991

Esteemed Parole Board Members:

1 - Introduce yourself: Tell them who you are, your relationship to Terence, to his family and to the community. Make it clear that you are PROTESTING Brandon Threet's release from prison.

2 – For those of you who knew Terence: Tell them about Terence, his age, his accomplishments, how he lived, what he did and any stories you might have. Include a picture of Terence with you or your family.

3 - Talk about the crime's impact: Tell them how it affected you and your family, the pain you felt upon learning what happened, how it affects you to this day.

4 - Talk about Brandon Threet's parole: Tell them what impact his release would have on you, on your family and on the community.

5 - For those of you who went to school with Brandon Threet: Tell them what you know of him, what his behavior was like at school, at the party, and at the trial. Tell them of any incidents you may know where he acted in a violent or cruel manner, breaking things, intimidating or striking out at people. 

6 - Request parole restrictions: Tell them not to parole him. Tell them to delay the next parole review for as long as the law allows. 

7 – Closing remarks: Tell them once again to not release him, to reject his parole, and to delay his next parole hearing for as long as the law allows.


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<<< THIS Letter is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL and may NOT be released to Brandon Threet, his attorney or the general public without our express consent. >>>

ENCL: <list any attachments provided>

Other Parole Protest Resources

  • Patty Davis wrote two letters, published in Time Magazine protesting the release of her father, President Reagan's would-be assassin John Hinckley.
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Both letters are good examples of how to write a parole protest letter describing the pain and circumstances surrounding the crime and its aftermath on all the victims and their families and friends.